Voya Perimenopause & Menopause Treatments

Menopause is a natural time of transition & an inevitable outcome for all women – it will happen at some point in our lives. It is defined as the point when you have your last ever period & signals the end of menstruation & fertility. Perimenopsuse takes place over several years in advance of the menopause. It's often the time when you may experience the most common symptoms of menopause. For many women, this will be a time of changing identity & possibly some troublesome symptoms. Hopefully, it can also be an opportunity for new-found creativity & new beginnings. Many women say that despite some difficult times they emerge with a new & more confident voice – a "Second Spring".

Up to recently Menopause has been looked upon as the autumn of our lives. But now living & working longer we view it entirely differently. Many women think of Menopause as a positive stage of their life Some cultures even refer to it as their "Second Spring" Celebrating this time & welcoming this change towards greater wisdom, newfound freedom & opportunity. VOYA's newest addition to their extensive range of treatments, were innovated in order to support women during this time of change, helping to improve sleep pattern, temperature changes, reduce anxiety & improve your overall sense of well-being & quality of life. We are so delighted to introduce all three new treatments to our treatment menu at Bliss Beauty.

VOYA Fortify Face & Body €115 80 Mins

Transform your inner & outer self with Voya’s balancing ritual which celebrates & supports you through the natural tides of life. Using aromatherapy oils stress & anxiety are washed away with massage to the back of the body to unwind. A grounding foot reflex massage anchors you to the present moment while a soothing stomach massage eases bloating & aids digestion. Finish your treatment with a hydration boost to cool & calm your skin easing irritation as busy minds are quietened with a blissful scalp massage.

Our gift to you to take home & continue your journey of rest & relaxation is VOYA’s Lavender, Rose & Chamomile Luxury Candle

VOYA Nourishing Cocoon €90 75 Mins

Rebalance the body, hydrate the skin & calm the mind with this experience. You will begin with VOYA’s time to shine exfoliation to leave your skin looking radiant. Our herbal body mask is then applied & you our guest is cocooned in soft muslin, while you then slip into a deeper state of relaxation with a soothing scalp massage whilst a calming mask hydrates your face.

Our gift to you to take home & continue your journey of rest & relaxation is VOYA’s Pillow Heaven Relaxing Sleep Spray

VOYA Grounding Sleep Session €60 45 Mins

VOYA’s relaxing opening ritual is performed to open the mind & body, relaxing pressure point massage for your face & scalp, while cooling marine eye patches hydrate your eyes, VOYA’s closing ritual is performed to leave you balanced & to set you up for a peaceful nights sleep (no undressing required)

Our gift to you to take home & continue your journey of rest & relaxation is VOYA’s Camomile Calm Herbal Tea

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