Waxing & Advanced waxing

At Bliss Beauty Skin & Laser we use only Lycon peelable wax to carry out our intimate & facial waxing treatments, formulated for sensitive skin types to achieve a smooth pain free wax with little to no redness afterwards. We have a strict policy in place, no double dipping, in order to prevent cross contamination. 24 hour patch test is required prior to wax & tint treatments.

What to do before my waxing treatment:

A few days before your treatment, start exfoliating your skin to aid the removal of dead skins cells. On the day of your appointment, do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, or perfumes. Avoid any heat treatments to the area such as hot showers or baths, stem rooms or saunas or UV light. Your therapist will advise you of your after care & home care advise during your treatment, at this stage your therapist will apply either our VOYA seaweed treatment mask Maskerade or Jane Iredale skin care make-up to help cool, soothe & protect the skin from external stressors to the face or apply soothing Lycon wax after care treatment to the skin.


Full Leg wax €30 40 Mins

3⁄4 Leg wax €27 30 Mins

1⁄2 leg wax €20 25 Mins

Regular bikini €15 15 Mins

Extended or High bikini €15 20 Mins

Under Arm wax €12 10 Mins

Arm wax €19 20 Mins

Abdomen wax €12 15 Mins

Full back wax €25 30 Mins

Upper back wax €18 20 Mins

Lower back wax €12 15 Mins

Chest wax €22 30 Mins

Back & Chest Wax €40 40 Mins


Regular bikini Lycon wax €15 15 Mins

Extended bikini Lycon wax €15 20 Mins

Californian Lycon wax €27 20 Mins

Brazilian Lycon wax (Incl buttocks optional) €40 30 Mins

Hollywood Lycon wax (Incl buttocks optional) €47 30 Mins

Hollywood Strip Wax (Incl buttocks optional) €45 35 Mins



Full leg wax & regular bikini line €40 35 Mins

Half leg wax & regular bikini line €30 30 Mins

Upper leg wax & regular bikini line €30 30 Mins

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